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From a general perspective, Africa  boasts of vast resources ranging from precious minerals, crude oil, fertile land, wildlife and the typical African culture – to name a few. East Africa and, therefore, Kenya is no exception. The people in the region are welcoming and willing to give a helping hand to their visitors. One of Kenya’s major sources of foreign exchange is tourism. By focusing on our strengths, African Comfort Zone Safaris LTD (ACZ Safaris) offers quality products and services in the Tourism and Transport sectors to a large number of both local and international clients. We are run by a team of professionals with a broad array of expertise in tour and transport operations around the world. We ensure that our clients are given value for their money.
Established in 2013, ACZ Safaris is a Tours and Travel Company and a Private Limited Company, Limited by shares, based in Kenya, East Africa with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We target the up market traveler, budget and special interest groups such as students, the physically impaired (People with disabilities), corporate clients and the budget traveler (backpackers) among others.

To be the best tourism service provider in East Africa and the world at large
We’re committed to offer competitive value for money products and high level services with a view to achieving unparalleled client satisfaction. We are steadfast in our resolve to meet as well as exceed all clients’ goals and objectives, while at the same time striving for excellence in quality, integrity, and value in all that we do. We want our partners in the industry and ourselves to grow profitably in our respective countries, through comprehensive market analysis, continuous product development, aggressive yield management, leveraging technology and prudent financial risk monitoring and management.

> To be the premier operator of choice in attending to the specific travel needs of our clientele.
> To provide services in a quick and e¬fficiently manner to inspire confidence through the provision of timely service.
> To provide cost effective and tailor made packages to suit the needs of the broad array of travelers throughout the entire world.
> To adapt and respond appropriately to the dynamic needs of the business environment and become a key player through fulfilling specialized requirements of the small, medium and high-end travelers.

To promote and reposition Kenya and Africa as a whole, as a world class tourist destination

The Real African Adventure-  ensure that at all times, our clients get to experience the African life.
ACZ Safaris understands the challenges of the current tourism industry and recognizes that planning, developing and adapting destination resources to meet the evolving needs of the market is the critical to success. We take all trends in African as well as the global tourism setting into consideration, invest in new infrastructure and offer both leisure and business travel solutions through state of the art technology. In this way, we can keep up with all new market demands and secure the future of our company as well.

ACZ safaris VALUES
To apply honesty and transparency in all our dealings with clients and other industry players.

ACZ safaris TEAM
Led by a management team of 3 directors with over 10 years experience in conducting safaris and tours in East Africa, you will be dealing with an experienced company that employs well-qualified and trained individuals. We do not cut corners by employing youngsters or inexperienced guides to reduce operating costs. We have traveled extensively across the length and breadth of all of the countries of East Africa over a period that exceeds a decade.
We believe Teams drive organizational success and it is for this reason that ACZ Safaris brings together an assemblage of experienced and competent travel specialist. At their core, they are driven by exceptional knowledge, professionalism, discipline and customer satisfaction by enabling to feel THE REAL AFRICAN ADVENTURE.

At ACZ Safaris, we off¬er our clients the co-ordination of comprehensive travel itineraries within a 24 hour turnaround time. Our team of highly skilled staff¬ has been trained to understand client needs and off¬er the best options available. We wholesale and retail our packages and enabling us the cutting edge in terms of o¬ffering our clients THE most competitive prices. Technology has enabled us to maximize the use of latest reservations systems to provide immediate feedback to our clients wherever possible. We have partnered with reputable tour operators in various destinations to off¬er the best rates for group and individual tour packages.

Safety and comfort are our priorities in regards to transportation to various destinations. In this respect, we strive to continually upgrade and invest in new vehicles in line with client and industry needs. Our fleet of off-and on-road vehicles is maintained on a daily basis and this coupled with highly-trained and experienced driver guides  underlined by the highest safety measures guarantees our clients utmost  safety, comfort and reliability at a stages of their Safaris.

There are very few hotels and lodges we have not visited and we are always able to provide the best possible alternative, irrespective of the budget. The itineraries we offer have been compiled over many years and include properties which we have hand-picked for their location and the level of service they provide.

We at ACZ Safaris are committed to supporting local communities realize sustainable development through our endeavors.  Our organizing principle in this regard  for meeting community development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend. The desirable end result is a state of society where living and conditions and resource use continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural systems to meet the needs of future generations.

ACZ safaris TRIPS
We at ACZ Safaris are dedicated to giving you a personal and professional service while helping you plan a perfect Safari, with expert, informed advice whether you are a first time or experienced traveler. We do not have fixed departures like most tour operators, but rather we customize each itinerary to suit the individual’s or group’s wishes. Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, come and experience the Ultimate African Adventure with us. We have side trips and short tours which make excellent add-ons to any safari and for those with only a short time to spare, will let you experience some of the African Adventure.


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